The French ♡ USA


My husband's dad (center back) in Le Mans, France, June 1944

We Americans think the French don’t like us, and, in turn, we portray them as ungrateful for our aid during the World Wars.  Remember Freedom Fries in 2003?  Perhaps, we should apologize for that one since sadly they were right about Iraqi WMDs.

A quick look around Paris tells you the French find kinship in the revolutionary spirit that gave birth to both our republics. Indeed, without their financial and military help, our own revolution might have failed.  And where would we be today if Napoleon hadn’t sold us the Louisiana Purchase?  If he’d been allowed, the Great Man himself would have settled in America after Waterloo, but the British had no intention of letting Napoleon add to their troubles in the New World.

In 1886, the French people gave us our Statue of Liberty, the symbol of America.  On the banks of the Seine, they still maintain a small replica of the statue as well as this full-size copy of the torch.   Directly across the river you’ll find a statue of Thomas Jefferson.

I’ve always found the French welcoming.  Admittedly, it helps to speak French, although mine is far from perfect.  Today, you’ll find most French are pleased at your attempt to speak their language, and smilingly endure your efforts.  During our recent two weeks in France, my French was corrected only twice:  first, by a shop clerk, and second, by my own American husband.


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